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Stroboskop-Netzteil - LED Lightbar Power SP920


Modell: SP920


Eingangsspannung: DC11-DC28V
Stromaufnahme: 2.5A(MAX)
Eingangsleistung: hohe 26 Watt, niedrige 22 Watt.
  • Why does the LED drive power supply need aluminum electrolytic capacitors?

    [Ancient China Aluminum Network] An important reason for the low life of LED driver power supply is the insufficient life of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor required for driving the power supply. The main reason is that the ambient temperature inside the LED lamp is high during long working hours, resulting in aluminum...

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    The LED is a solid-state light source. When a forward voltage is applied across the LED, the minority carrier and the majority carrier in the semiconductor are recombined, and the excess energy emitted will cause photon emission. Different materials can be used to make light emitting diodes in different colors. As a new...

  • Japan Developed LED Lighting Power without Electrolytic Capacitors

    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. displayed the digital power circuit for LED lighting at "TECHNO FRONTIER 2010 (Power System Exhibition)," which opened on July 21, 2010. The company's laminated ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are used as input and output capacitors and can be built into the tubes of straight-tube LED...

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